2014 IBJJF Pans – Gold

Having won the Masters Worlds at blue belt and never competing at the Pans before made this an exciting trip!

2014-03-14 Pans Masters 4 blue heavy champion

Master 4 blue heavy consisted of a 5 man bracket. I went 2-0 with one submission to take the gold. I signed up for the open, but it had to happen soon as I had a red-eye flight to catch that evening so that I could run a youth regional wrestling tournament back home the next morning. Well the times kept extending and soon I had to withdraw to get to the airport.

2014-03-14 IBJJF Pan Scott and Alyssa

It was a great experience that I was so happy to get to share with my youngest daughter, Alyssa! Along with her seeing my accomplishments, we stayed a few extra days and visited several California beaches and stores.

P.S. That red-eye stuff when you have to run a wrestling tournament the next morning at 7:30 was crazy. A full cup of coffee or three just doesn’t get you going. A full night’s sleep would have been better.