2016 IBJJF Chicago Summer Open – Double Gold!

2016-08-13 IBJJF Chicago Summer Open master4 purple med-heavyI was happy to have a “warm up” tournament two weeks before the Masters Worlds. I signed up for my age division early in hopes that other Master 5’s would sign up and we’d have a few matches. No Master 5’s signed up at all, so I dropped to Master 4 and went up to heavyweight because there wasn’t anyone at medium heavy. About a week prior to the tournament someone showed up at Master 4 medium heavy so I dropped to that. Then the heavy weight dropped out of the tournament all together. I was hoping to fight him in the open division.

I ended up with just one match at medium heavy, which I won. My opponent did not sign up for the open. Only one other person signed up, the winner of the lightweight division. I won that match and secured double gold for the day.