2019 Grappling Industries Milwaukee– Double Gold!

In an effort to get more of my students to compete, I try to find them “local” tournaments so that they do not have to get a hotel and travel for hours. Milwaukee is close enough to consider it as local. I compete to encourage my students, because how can I ask them to step up if I am not also putting it on the line.

As a smaller tournament it is rare that I will get opponents in my age group, so I move down to the younger brackets.

I had two opponents in the gi. Both were tough matches and I was able to squeak out a victory in each. I am thankful to have opponents, as I do love competing.

One of my gi opponents also matched up with me for no-gi. It was an intense match where I was able to win on points. I had a great time and enjoyed coaching my students. Not all took hardware home, but all grew from the experience.