2019 IBJJF Twin Cities Open – Gold!

I had been waiting for an IBJJF tournament to attend in the Minneapolis -St. Paul, MN area because we have family there that would like to see me compete. As usual nobody signed up in the Brown belt Masters 5 age group. So, I went up to heavy-weight and down to the Masters 4 age group. I only had one opponent, but I figured it should be a good match as he had just won his heavy-weight brown belt master 4 division at the IBJJF Masters Worlds two months earlier. Our match came up 45 minutes early and unfortunately the family got stuck in traffic and arrived just after I won.
I was hoping that my opponent would want a chance at me again and sign up for the open division. Unfortunately he did not want to. In fact, I found him after they had paged him for 15 minutes for our podium awards. I told him that were paging him. He said, “nah, that’s okay” and started to leave. I asked him again, but he was insistent on not even getting on the podium. I guess he wanted it to look like I got a participation medal, standing up their by myself. Oh well, my two nieces, Rachel and Lucy, and my wife, Jodi, were happy to take his place. 🙂