2023 Indianapolis Open – Double Gold

I was looking for IBJJF tournaments that have at least one other master 6 opponent. A couple of months before the tournament there were four or five competitors signed up. They were at lighter weight classes, but I would be at heavyweight, and could at lest get a couple of open division matches.

A few weeks before the tournament date, another opponent signed up at ultra-heavy. I was a bit surprised to see him there for two reasons. One, he was in my Master Worlds heavyweight bracket last year. So, I guessed that he had gained a bit of weight, and that he went to ultra-heavy (unlimited) so he didn’t have to worry about making weight. Two, he told me at Master Worlds last year that he was not going to be able to compete any more after that tournament because of his heart condition and his doctor forbidding him to continue. So, I guess he got better, doesn’t care, or something else. Either way, since I did not have an opponent in my heavyweight bracket, I altered my registration and moved up to meet him at ultra-heavy.

I won a close match by referee’s decision.

After winning the ultra-heavy division, I signed up for the open division along with three other competitors.

I won the semi-final on points. The championship was a close one, decided by an advantage point. Thanks again to the guys that sign up, show up, and compete! I appreciate it!

It was a great day to spend with a few of my teammates. All three had some great matches, and came away with some good additional experience, if not some more hardware!