2014 360-BJJ Picnic and Promotions

2014-08-23 360-BJJ picnic

The annual picnic was an exciting one for me. Purple belt seemed so far off when I started Jiu-Jitsu! The guys that were purple belts when I was a new white belt just seemed to flow from position to position so smoothly!

2014-08-23 360-BJJ belt promotion speech

My coach, Scott Huston, does not give out belts easily. You know that if he feels you’re ready then you are ready. It was an honor for him to consider me to be at the purple belt level!

2014-08-23 360-BJJ promoted to purple belt

As I walked away I was thinking about how much fun Jiu-Jitsu had become. Some would not understand this because it is always a lot of work, sweat, some blood and tears. The steps on this journey are so small that sometimes you feel like you’re not progressing, but days like this make you take a look at how far you’ve come. The end is always just past the horizon in this martial art as you will forever be learning and gaining experience, if you continue to train in it. I know that if I get my black belt some day, it will feel like I’ve accomplished something big, but at the same time just started a journey on an even longer road.

2014-08-23 360-BJJ belt promotion with Scott Huston
I am always happy to say that I believe that 360-BJJ is the best place to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Wisconsin. Scott Huston is a great instructor and competitor, his attention to the details are what makes the difference in his techniques. I have some of the best teammates in the world to train with as well!

2014-08-23 360-BJJ belt promotion with Ashley

I was excited to have my family present when I received my purple belt!